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Industry Leader in Managing Fab Expansion, Conversion, and Closure Projects

AGSS is one of the largest suppliers in the world of used electronics manufacturing equipment. We specialize in semiconductor manufacturing, IC test/assembly and printed circuit board assembly equipment acquired from leading electronics manufacturers worldwide.

We provide equipment and related services, either on a tool-by-tool basis or as part of an integrated package, covering any or all of the following areas:

  • Equipment Acquisition
  • Contract Remarketing Services
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Refurbishment*
  • De-Installation
  • Rigging and Crating
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • Insurance
  • Export Control Compliance

AGSS has more than 25,000m² of cleanroom equipment centers strategically located around the world. Our experienced team of project managers has IDM fab backgrounds with a wealth of industry experience to ensure on-site project completion. Additionally, AGSS has years of experience supporting multiple OEMs with technical expertise using the best-known methods in the industry. AGSS also offers remarking services for 150mm equipment that cannot be converted to 200mm.

Typical project scope

Tool Selection & Configuration:

  • Project Managers work with site engineers to develop tool configurations
  • Suggest cost-effective alternatives and evaluate future supply line and support

Configuration Specifications:

  • Both parties sign configuration specification
  • Develop acceptance criteria for sign-off

Tool Conversion & Refurbishment:

  • Project Managers oversee the refurbishment process and delivery dates
  • Refurbishment is done in-house at AGSS or by qualified third-party providers
  • Source inspection prior to shipment

Installation & Support:

  • Project Managers oversee delivery of tools according to project timeline
  • Support the move-in and hookup
  • Manage the installation and start-up
  • Manage the tool acceptance and sign-off
  • Warranty
  • Ongoing support is available

Contact us to learn more about our available inventory and support to ensure you’re positioned to capitalize on the next growth phase in the industry. Let us help ensure that all your capital equipment projects, large or small, are on time and on budget. Put our experience and proven track record to work for you.

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*Refurbishment is not performed in China